Fritz Duda Company offers a variety of professional real estate development services. Below is a list of our most popular commerical real estate services.

Construction Management

Completing commerical construction on time and on-budget requires well-timed coordination of architects, contractors, sub-contractors and community zoning and planning departments.  Fritz Duda Company's team of seasoned construction and project managers can save you time and money while lowering your total costs of construction by insuring that your project runs in the most efficient and effective manner possible.  Click here to learn more about our construction management services.

Property Marketing

Building or acquiring the right property is only half the work required to successfully own and operate commerical real estate.  You also need to sell it.  Whether your goals are to hold and lease, or to release and sell, Fritz Duda Company has the marketing expertise on staff that can help you reach your goals quickly.  Click here to learn more about our property marketing services.

Property Financing

Fritz Duda Company can help you finance your project, and direct you in making investments in commerical real estate.  Whether you are looking to arrange for project financing, property acquisition, are seeking joint venture partners or real estate investment trusts, or would like to invest capital in well planned commercial real estate projects, call us.  Over the years, our investment strategists have learned the finer points to managing property financing in ways that create true win / win opportunities for investors, lenders and property owners.  Click here to learn more.

Property Management

Whether your real estate holdings are geographically diversified, or you prefer to leverage the skills and resources of a professional commercial property manager, Fritz Duda Company can help. Our team of leasing agents, property managers and facilities planners can help keep your property utilization at it's highest possible rate, while also maximizing your near-term and long term return on investment.

Lease-Up and Stabilization

If you have an underperforming property that needs help improving the bottom line, or you'd like to reduce tenant turnover, call us. Fritz Duda Company has a unique ability to take underperforming yet otherwise structurally sound investments and making them a positive asset to both the community and the investors. We understand the unique dynamics of urban neighborhoods, and can work with you and your existing tenants to improve the appeal of your underperforming commercial real estate.